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Review: Bros (2022)

God, I love being gay.

All year long I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Bros (2022), the movie of 2022 that I have without question been the most excited for. I’ve been looking forward to its release since I heard it was going into production and with every new fact I learned about the movie, I grew more sure there was no way I couldn’t love it. Bros is co-written by and starring Billy Eichner, it features a ton of my favourite actors and personalities, it’s a gay romantic-comedy made by and starring an entirely queer cast and crew and all of my friends have been loving it! I was legitimately only 10 minutes into Bros before I wholeheartedly declared it to be not only my favourite movie of the year, but the best as well. This movie filled me with an overwhelming sense of joy and far exceeded my wildest expectations. I can’t wait to own Bros on DVD and watch it as much as I watch all my other favourite rom-coms. It’s definitely the first movie in a while that I have added to my list of favourites without question. It’s there and it’s never coming off. 

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Bros tells the story of Bobby Leiber, a gay podcast host who is also working as a curator for Manhattan’s very first LGBTQ+ History Museum. Priding himself on being single and content with hookups, Bobby is jaded when it comes to relationships. But when he meets Aaron, an attractive man who’s less bold than him, Bobby begins to open himself up to the idea of a loving relationship. Though for these two men who seem to be at odds on everything, the road to a relationship is fairly rocky.

First of all, it can’t be stated enough how historic it is that Bros is a movie about a queer love story, made by and starring queer people and released by a major studio. Thats’s a huge deal! It’s so important to us in the LGBT+ community to be represented on screen. Not only in small independent movies and not just in dramas where our parts are played by cisgender / heterosexual actors. But to see actual queer people being authentically queer in a movie about laughter and romance and comedy…it’s hard to put into words how just how impactful and meaningful that is. I hope every queer person watches this and sees themselves as a main character and a love interest. I hope they’re inspired to love themselves, to find their community and their chosen family and to be as loud and unapologetic as possible. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was watching Bros. Not only because of its monumental impact, but also because it’s just a straight up amazingly awesome movie. 

Bros is fucking hilarious, relatable and a throughly enjoyable story from the attention-grabbing beginning to the extremely satisfying ending. It’s incredibly tongue in cheek and doesn’t shy away from being true to life about the queer community, the good and the bad, and showing it all in the funniest way possible. Eichner’s distinct comedic voice shines through, succeeding at not only making me laugh my ass off but so much more. Like every great comedy movie, Bros is a well-balanced mixture of tones and moments that make it a thoroughly entertaining and phenomenal viewing. It’s raunchy, it’s sweet, it’s heartfelt, it’s hilariously true to life…it’s everything I wanted it to be and so much more. It made me laugh, it made me think, it made me cry, it made me swoon…people will experience a cavalcade of emotions watching Bros and we’ll all be better off for it. I cannot recommend this movie strongly enough. Never before have I been so adamant that people go check out a movie in theatres. Queer people will get the inside jokes and straight people will love it simply because it’s a sensational comedy. 

Bros is probably the best modern rom-com I’ve ever seen. Even if you take away the fact that it’s wonderfully representative and unapologetically gay, the discussion of using apps and different kinds of relationships makes it very modern. As a person who dates in the year 2022, I’ve had many of these conversations before! It’s certainly the rom-com that I’ve been most able to relate to. Which is the first time since Love, Simon (2018) that I’ve resonated so strongly with a story shown on the big screen. While Love, Simon spoke to me at a time when I was accepting my sexual orientation, I connect to Bros so strongly as someone who’s since then experienced dating and relationships. Speaking of, I think Bros might just have some of themost hysterical intentionally funny sex scenes I’ve seen in a while. 

It also has some pretty powerful quotes. Such as, “I’d rather be a cliche then be miserable.” Put that on a pillow. I’m using it as my mantra from now on. Or, “my story is not your story. Go write your own damn story.” Yes! That right there is exactly why we need a movie as authentically and unapologetically queer as Bros! Oh! But my favourite quote is probably, “not all gay people are nice.” It’s so true. We’re more than just tragic stories or stereotypical gay best friends. Sometimes we’re selfish, unwise and messy works in progress. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a movie that shows how three-dimensional queer characters can be. And how utterly FABULOUS! A recurring criticism that Bobby hears is to “tone his personality down and be quiet,” a heartbreaking notion that a lot of people in marginalized groups are sadly familiar with. But the movie boasts an overall message of bold self-love and brazen attitudes, reminding us that we should never tone ourselves down for anyone or anything. 

Like the best rom-com couples, Bobby and Aaron start off being so wrong for each other and yet so right. Funnily enough through, their conflicting personalities makes them all the more interesting to watch and you can’t help but root for them to make it, hoping that they learn from each other and grow. Spoiler alert, that may or may not happen. Their relationship is so complex and interesting because unlike any other rom-com where I feel strongly about whether or not they should be together, I could see Bobby and Aaron breaking up or ending up together. However, I was okay with any way their relationship turned out because I trusted the movie to handle things well. That’s the kind of assurance and good will Bros builds throughout. You’re in good hands.

Eichner and Macfarlane are so gosh darn cute and funny together. In both the comedic and romantic sense, their chemistry is effortless. As Bobby and Aaron respectively they’re perfectly in sync and play off each other with all the believability of a real couple exploring the rocky shores of a new relationship. Bros is obviously not a drama but it has those sobering heart to heart scenes and getting to know each other that every great rom-com has. Ugh, Luke Macfarlane is so cool, cute and charming. Put him in everything! Romantic, sweet and always a scene-stealer, it’s no wonder he’s been in over a dozen Hallmark movies. By the way, I just have to mention that Bros delivers top-tier cameos! This movie has Tony winners, Emmy winners an Oscar winner and a RuPaul’s Drag Race (2009 – present) winner. It’s not the reason it was made and it’s too cool to care about such things, but give Bros all of the awards!  

I cannot wait to see this movie again. I don’t often go to see movies in the theatre more than once but I will happily see Bros as many times as I can in theatres. It’s that good! I’m also excited to watch this with many different combinations of friends to see how they react to different parts. Watching Bros reminded me of the first time I saw Bridesmaids (2011) and was thankful to see something so fresh, funny and memorable. I hope Bros has the same longevity and love and I believe it will. There is not a thing I would change about this heartwarming and fantastic movie and I mean that from the bottom of my unbiased heart. Even my father, a cis/het man in his 60s, loved it for the comedy, the smart writing, the originality and the importance of telling new stories. He declared it to be excellent!

Have you seen Bros?

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