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Review: Windfall (2022)

If I could have rated this movie lower than one star, I would have.

I’m not going to lie to you guys. There wasn’t a single ounce of me that was interested in watching Netflix’s Windfall (2022). The wild thing is that I truly knew nothing about the movie other than the fact that it stars the tiny cast of just Jesse Plemons, Lily Collins and Jason Segel. Look. I like Plemons and Collins well enough and can endure Segel but even so, I still was left with the unshakable feeling that Windfall was going to be pretentious and lacklustre. The names of the characters are literally “the CEO,” “the wife” and “the robber, respectively. Ugh, are you with me? Well, as it turns out, this movie is so lacking of any lustre that I was praising just about every deity that I can think of that the movie was only a brisk 90 minutes. 

Credit: / Netflix

Windfall follows a nameless man who breaks into the vacation home of a tech billionaire with the intent to rob him blind. When the billionaire and his wife show up unexpectedly, the robber’s plan goes sideways and he is forced to think on his feet. 

If you’ve seen Windfall, and for your sake, I sincerely hope you haven’t, you would be shocked that the story for this barely-there movie was written by FOUR people and another TWO wrote the screenplay. Are you kidding me? This story is nothing! There isn’t one! There isn’t even any  dialogue or action in the first five minutes! Let me tell you right now, I was so bored that I was on my phone before the movie hit that five minute mark. What am I going to do? Watch Segel take a piss or scroll through Twitter? Twitter, mama. Knowing that it took this many writers to craft so paper-thin of a plot, you can only imagine my frustration and shock when I watched the rest of the movie and realized that nothing of interest ever happens. Oh, pardon me. The sole moment of excitement happens in the last 20 minutes. Honestly, there’s only enough substance in Windfall to validate a 40 minute runtime. It’s so boring! Not to mention a huge waste of potential. The idea of a robber bumbling up his extortion of a wealthy couple could be thrilling or funny, but this movie failed to make me shudder or smile. It’s just sad and pathetic. 

Around the 10 minute mark I had to ask myself, “is this meant to be a comedy?” When I Googled Windfall the first thing that came up was, “is Windfall a comedy?” Clearly others were just as mystified as I was. Online the movie is described as a thriller but the premise and the tone both point to this movie being meant to be a dark comedy. All the elements are certainly there but Windfall does everything in its power to convince audiences that it’s a serious thriller and not the Alfred Hitchcock spoof that it most certainly should have been. It definitely would have been much more successful if it were a straight-up satire of the genre movies that made Hitchcock so famous. If that were the case and the cast featured stronger comedic actors such as Jason Bateman and Kristen Wiig, this could have been a decent little movie for Netflix!

Honestly, this cast seems like a random grab bag of actors. Like, why Segel? It’s not like he’s an amazing talent known for thrillers and we’re certainly not talking about him in the cultural zeitgeist…it’s just odd to me. At least Collins is married to director Charlie McDowell so that casting makes sense. None of the small cast are standouts. In fact, the most enjoyable part of Windfall is when the three of them watch Three Amigos! (1986) in their beautiful outdoor theatre. By the way, check out my review for that movie, here

Credit: / Netflix

I have described movies as very skipable in the past but Windfall is without a doubt the most skipable movie I have ever had the misfortune to watch. It’s not even bad. If this movie were bad, at least something of mild entertainment would be happening. Watching Windfall is like watching grass grow. It’s just a waste of space. Was there just no editor for this movie? Scene after scene of absolute nothingness made its way into Windfall, causing me to scream “I DON’T CARE!” anytime a new scene happened. The only thing that Windfall features in abundance is musical cues. Is it possible for a movie to be overscored? It’s like the movie is trying to make up for the lack of thrills, excitement or actual suspense by overdoing it on the suspenseful score.  Dang…I genuinely feel bad for the crew of Windfall. What a dull shoot this must have been.

Credit: / Netflix

Windfall is thankfully very short and breezy but seriously, don’t waste your time. There isn’t a single aspect of this movie that would have me recommend it. There are dozens of more worthwhile ways to spend your weekend, ones that won’t end in utter disappointment, confusion and boredom. My biggest takeaway from this movie was that it had a quasi interesting ending, but those three minutes of potential intrigue aren’t nearly impactful enough to make up for the hour and 27 minutes of mediocrity. OOF, what a stinker. 

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