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Review: Single All the Way (2021)

A gay Christmas miracle!

Wow. Would you believe that Single All the Way (2021) is the very first gay holiday romantic-comedy distributed by Netflix? Seriously? We’ve endured three The Princess Switch (2018 – present) movies for the past three years and we’re only NOW getting around to producing LGBT+ holiday content? Sigh. I’m disappointed but not surprised. That being said, it doesn’t take away that I’m still ecstatic that this movie was made! Look. If I’m going to force myself to watch a melodramatic, cheesy, made for TV / streaming holiday rom-com, you better believe that it’s going to be the one centred around the LGBT+ relationship. Come on: We only get one a year if we’re lucky! Just the fact that this is a holiday movie centred around an LGBT+ romance made me confident that review or not, I HAD to watch this movie. Then throw in the fabulous casting of Jennifer Coolidge, Kathy Najimy and Schitt’s Creek’s (2015 – 2020) Jennifer Robertson and I am more than sold. 

Credit: / Netflix

Single All the Way follows Peter, a perpetually single man who is desperate to get his overbearing family to lay off his single status. When he heads home for Christmas, Peter convinces his best friend Nick to pretend to be his boyfriend to make the holiday run as smoothly as possible.

Now, that’s more or less the official premise for Single All the Way but I’m not sure why because at only 15 minutes into the movie, the fake boyfriend plot is completely thrown out. I mean, I’m totally fine with abandoning the “I can’t be single for the holidays!” thing because that’s a flimsy low- stakes plot that I already suffered through in Holidate (2020) – check out my review, here – but it’s still an odd choice for the movie to completely abandon its original premise. It was the right choice though because the movie Single All the Way transformed into was wildly more entertaining. In short, Peter gets set up with the handsome James and he has to decide whether to pursue this blossoming relationship or risk it all by declaring his love for Nick. The whole thing is tried and true territory when it comes to holiday rom-coms but that doesn’t stop Single All the Way from being a delightful and joyous Yuletide experience. It’s predictable and familiar but in the best possible way. You know that heartwarming, cozy feeling when you and your family gather for Christmas dinner or you slip into the silly Christmas sweater you only wear once a year? That’s the type of fun, festive feeling that Single All the Way conjures. 

I have to hand it to Netflix. For once they actually understood tone and crafted a made for TV movie on purpose! Completely devoid of any real conflict or malice, if you’ve ever seen a holiday rom-com before, you’ll be able to predict exactly what turn this pleasant little movie will take at any time. Watching a movie that happens to be so charming and so expected makes for a calming viewing experience. Single All the Way is cheerful, cheesy and a great way to kick off the Christmas season. The movie skips along at a swift pace from one adorable scene to another, earnestly invoking the spirits of love, family and friendship that we’re meant to feel during the holidays. More than any other Netflix holiday movie I’ve seen, Single All the Way is brimming with genuine heart and good tidings. There were multiple times where the movie had me honest to goodness laughing out loud from the comedy and swooning from the romance! Will I be watching this pure, moving, delightful gay holiday movie every Christmas from now on? Uh, Hell yes I will! Also, I don’t want to be too mushy, but when I think of all the young gay children out there who are going to be able to watch this holiday movie that is so positive and so affirming and so full of love and acceptance, it warms my heart so damn much. I honestly got a little teary knowing that theres’s a Christmas movie that is blatantly and unapologetically gay that young viewers will have for years to come. 

More so than any other movie I’ve seen lately, Single All the Way checks a lot of boxes on “Luke’s List of Favourite Things.” It’s hard to believe but somehow this fantastic movie contains the following: an adorable dog, Christmas songs by both Whitney Houston and Britney Spears, a Clue (1985) reference, hot men and fabulous bitches. I mean, everyone in the cast is great and fun to watch, but as expected, Jennifer Coolidge and Kathy Najimy are the shining stars of Single All the Way. The two are doing so much and know exactly what type of characters they are playing that it makes Single All the Way even more enjoyable than I possibly could have imagined. Najimy plays a woman named Carole who insists on being called CHRISTMAS CAROLE during December! I love it! I love Kathy Najimy! I also really loved Peter. Played by Michael Urie, he’s a plant-loving single man who’s resigned to be a childless gay uncle. Um, is this me? If it means being the love interest to attractive and charming men such as Philemon Chambers and Luke Macfarlane than dear God, I hope so. I want to be Peter but I know that in actuality I am Aunt Sandy, Coolidge’s character. Drunk, overdramatic and screaming at children for not taking a theatrical production serious enough… Yep, that’s me! To sum up, Single All the Way has everything that you could possibly want out of a silly holiday rom-com and more!

Credit: / Netflix

I strongly recommend Single All the Way. It is exactly the type of movie you expect it to be and a welcome entry into the pantheon of Christmas movies I will be watching each December. Damn, this movie was jus the thing to get me excited for the holidays. You know what else? I am not someone who is eager to have children in the near future, or ever to be honest, but Single All the Way actually lit the tiniest spark of excitement in me to one day be a fun uncle. Again, UNCLE, never a father. 

Will you see Single All the Way?

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