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Review: Stuber (2019)

This Uber ride gets four stars. 

I am honestly shocked at the amount of movies based on an original idea that I’ve reviewed this summer. Normally summer is prime-time for movie studios to release a plethora of sequels, reboots, book-to-movie adaptations and big budget action films. It’s not usually the time to release a low-budget movie that isn’t already part of a franchise. And yet, I’ve now reviewed a handful of movies in the past few weeks that have been like a breathe of fresh air, each one more interesting than the last. After seeing action-comedy Stuber (2019), the streak continues with what I’m calling one of the funniest movies of the year.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 10.01.14 PM
Credit: / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Stuber follows Stu, an Uber driver trying to earn enough money so that he can leave his mundane retail job behind. When Vic, an assertive detective with a vendetta against a drug dealer forces him to be his driver, Stu buckles up for the most hazardous ride of his life.

Before going into this movie I thought to myself, “this will probably be a mediocre action-comedy that I’ll forget about as soon as I leave the theatre. But you know what? It’s an original idea and I really like Kumail Nanjiani so I’m willing to take a chance on it. I’m sure it’ll be okay.” Plot twist, it was way better than okay. Stuber is one of the most hilarious, most exciting and most fun movie-going experiences I’ve had all summer! I was so happily surprised! Sidenote, after looking it up I discovered that the movie’s producers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have worked on hit projects such as Horrible Bosses (2011), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Game Night (2018). No wonder this was so much fun! This is a good old-fashioned buddy cop movie that delivers on all the tropes we love about the genre while still keeping things fresh with heaps of topical humour. Of course, all of this enjoyment is bolstered by the incredible chemistry between the movie’s stars Nanjiani and Dave Bautista.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 9.54.19 PM
Credit: / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Nanjiani and Bautista are a match made in comedy heaven. Their chemistry feels effortless as each one supplies plenty of laughs on their own, but will have your gut busting when they share the screen together. Nanjiani is absolutely amazing. The way he delivers his lines, whether it’s a whisper or a shout is fucking hysterical. While Nanjiani’s comedy in the movie is witty and self-deprecating, Bautista masterfully pulls off the dumb physical comedy. Whether it’s driving after getting laser eye surgery, tripping over his own feet, or knocking his head into things, I could’ve watched Bautista blindly stumble into things for the entire hour and a half. Seriously, it’s such a simple way to get laughs, but you should have heard how the audience roared with pleasure each time Bautista Mr. Magoo-ed himself through a scene. Sidenote, it only took me like 15 minutes into this movie to realize that it’s a bizarre mashup of Mr. Magoo (1997) and Taxi (2004) that shouldn’t work but totally does. I always think that the best kind of comedy movies are the ones that are able to blend different genres of humour together and Stuber does so flawlessly.

Both leads are an absolute treat to watch and it’s their partnership that makes the movie all the more enjoyable. Though the movie rightfully devotes most of the runtime to its leads (rightfully so), there’s still a host of secondary characters who show up to steal the show in their own way. Remember when The Hangover (2009) came out and we all spent what felt like years quoting the cast of eccentric characters? If you go see Stuber with your friends (and I highly recommend you do) then I predict you’ll go through a similar phase.

What I loved most about watching Stuber though was sitting through this fun-filled movie without any idea of what to expect from the characters or the story. That’s really the beauty of movies based on original ideas and not to sound like an old grandpa, but why we really need more of them in theatres. Y’know as much as I liked this movie and laughed my ass off, I’m thankful that it seemingly won’t get a sequel. Then humour is just right and I’m not sure if it or the story would work a second time. Stuber takes you for a quick and straightforward ride that relishes in all of it’s crazy fun without losing sight of the inherent comedy of its premise. Seriously you guys, I haven’t laughed in a theatre like this since Booksmart (2019). By the way, you can check out my review for Booksmart here.

A silly, loud action-comedy that’s a guaranteed laugh riot, I encourage you to take a chance on Stuber. It’s the type of outrageous comedy that in a weird way, is why we started going to the movies in the first place. It deserves to be seen on the big screen while you’re surrounded by an audience of people who are having just as much fun as you are. Please spend your money on a highly-enjoyable night out at the movies. If you’re still apprehensive than at least go on a day when tickets are cheap. Trust me. This is one ride you’ll want to accept.

Will you take a chance on Stuber?

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