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Review: Nobody’s Fool (2018)

It would have been more fun if I were drunk.

Girls Trip (2017) was hands down one of the best movies of last year, thanks in large part to Tiffany Haddish’s hilarious breakout performance. It was a landmark role for her, one that affirmed that her star would only rise, opening multiple doors on the way. I was so excited for whatever project she chose next for it was sure to be a massive success. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Tiffany Haddish landed the starring role in the comedy, Nobody’s Fool (2018). Going into this movie I was expecting a side-splitting two hour romp in which Haddish appeared in almost every scene. Plot twist, I was given garbage instead.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.15.56 PM
Credit: / Paramount Pictures

Written and directed by Tyler Perry, Nobody’s Fool is about Danica, played by Tika Sumpter, a successful advertising executive who invites her sister Tanya, played by Haddish, to live with her after recently being released from prison. Sort of. You guys, this movie was HORRIBLE. First of all, it is not the movie that was promised in the trailer. We were promised the story of two sisters with clashing personalities learning to live with one another while Tanya helps Danica get revenge on the man who is catfishing her. This movie contains shockingly little of that. The catfish / mismatched sisters story takes about 40 minutes, and the rest of the nearly two hour runtime is spent on pure nonsense. Side note, is catfishing still a relevant plot point in 2018? Like, that’s still getting pitched? Apparently so because the movie just turns into an episode of Catfish: The TV Show (2012 – present) for 10 minutes, complete with appearances from Nev and Max. I wish I could say they were limited to short cameos, but their scenes (plural) go on forever, to the point where it felt like they were co-starring in this movie.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.38.56 PM
Credit: / MTV

Back to the nonsense. This movie has no plot. Instead, it has three half-baked plots. There’s the catfish storyline, Danica getting Tanya back on her feet, and Danica’s romance with Frank, the barista she just can’t see herself with because he doesn’t possess the qualities of her dream man, as written on her “list.” We heard so much about this fucking list that the movie really should have just been called The List. If it had stuck to that, one plot about a woman finding the man of her dreams with the help of her rowdy sister, the movie would have been fine. It even would have been fine if they stuck with the catfish plot but made it the whole movie rather than trying to shoehorn in a heartfelt sister reunion story AND a romantic comedy. Basically, this movie tried to be everything and ended up being nothing. It really felt like a loose collection of failed Saturday Night Live (1975 – present) skits, or a reject from the Scary Movie franchise (2000 – 2013).

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.34.34 PM
Credit: / Paramount Pictures

Watching this movie gave me a headache. I don’t understand why Tiffany Haddish was never allowed to be the star that she is. Her character gets squeezed into scenes in between Danica and Frank’s “romance,” drops a couple of one liners, mentions how horny she is, then disappears for 15 minutes. What the hell, I thought she was supposed to be the lead role? When we do see her, it’s a mixed bag because while Haddish is the only actress capable of delivering genuine laughs, her shtick gets old real quick. I’m a fan of Tiffany Haddish’s, “down to earth, I’m not fancy,” routine as much as the next person, but it doesn’t work when the character she’s playing isn’t, well, a character. It worked wonderfully in Girls Trip where her character Dina was surprisingly personable, deep, and authentic, offsetting her over-the-top antics. It sure as hell doesn’t work in Nobody’s Fool where her only personality trait is, “I just got out of prison.” The movie is fortunate that Haddish is so naturally lovable otherwise it would have been thoroughly unwatchable.

Tika Sumpter unfortunately doesn’t provide much relief, comedic or otherwise. Her bland and generic performance is reminiscent of the lead on a shitty sitcom that gets cancelled after 13 episodes. You know the kind I’m talking about. It’s especially frustrating to watch considering the movie bamboozled us and made her the lead character over Haddish’s Tanya. Danica’s entire character changes depending on how the scene needs her to react, she’s an unrelatable lead, and worst of all, just walks into and sits in on her sister’s AA meeting when she is not an alcoholic. The second “A” is for “anonymous,” pretty sure you can’t just pull up a chair and listen to people’s personal struggles. I suppose Sumpter can’t receive all the blame as the script she’s given to work with is abysmal. At one point her friend Kalli, played by Amber Riley whom I love and was genuinely excited to see, asks Danica how the sex she just had was, and this is her response: “It was good. He was huge.” THAT’S IT. THAT’S THE ACTUAL DIALOGUE THAT MADE IT INTO THE MOVIE.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.30.33 PM
Credit: / Paramount Pictures

Speaking of, hands down the best part of watching this movie was the sex scene. It was fucking hilarious. The movie thought it was portraying a very serious and emotional love scene but unintentionally made one of the funniest movie scenes of 2018. Seriously, the ENTIRE theatre erupted into laughter and trust me, they were laughing at the movie, not with it. God, I haven’t laughed in a theatre like that in a long time.

This movie is maybe the worst one I’ve seen in 2018, and definitely the worst that I’ve reviewed since starting this blog. That being said, if it ever comes to Netflix, definitely get SUPER drunk and watch it with your friends. It’ll be so much fun. Oh! Play a drinking game where you drink every time Danica and Kalli walk into a room and discuss Danica’s relationship problems. I swear, it’s like 87 per cent of the movie. Happy drinking!

Have you seen Nobody’s Fool? Did you like it?

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