Welcome to Luke’s Living Room!

Hi, my name is Luke, and welcome to my living room!

I am a 22 year-old, Toronto-based, freelance journalist who has an unhealthy obsession with movies and a lot of free time. The only logical solution? Start a movie review blog and put that journalism degree to good use.

As you explore this blog you’ll find reviews on movies just released into theatres, posted every Monday and Friday. For reviews of classics and old favourites, check those out every Wednesday as part of “Wayback Wednesdays.” In the future, with the support of you, dear reader, I hope to expand and provide you with even more entertaining content.

Please be sure to check out the “About Me” page for more info!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a slice of pizza, pour yourself some wine, and meet me in the living room: We have movies to discuss.

*Official Blog Launch: Monday October 8th 2018

-Luke Elisio

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